What's included?

Furatto comes with a lot of components that will help you not just to prototype your next web application but to deploy it as fast as you can. It has been really useful on hackathons.

Download Furatto

It is really easy to start working with Furatto, and we provide many options to download it, just click on the option right for you.

Download compiled Furatto Download Sass files

All right, but what's inside the box...

Within the download Furatto comes with the following files and directories structure, based on a logical common pattern which makes the acces faster and easier to maintain.

  • humans.txt –– A basic humans.txt file which you can use as a base for your site, in case you need one
  • robots.txt –– A basic robots.txt file where you can define your crawling needs
  • /dist/css –– This is where the real stuff is. The compiled version of Furatto in two flavors, development and production. We also include normalize from Nicolas Gallagher to improve cross-browser rendering.
    • furatto.css
    • furatto.min.css
    • normalize.css
  • /dist/js –– All the javascript plugins from Furatto in individual files, but also a compiled version, again in two flavors, production and development.
    • furatto.js
    • furatto.min.js
  • /src/furatto –– Follow the source. The sass source files for Furatto are located in this directory. You might need some dependencies. Don't worry we use grunt to compiled it, check out the docs on this.
  • /examples –– A set of handy examples wheter you want to have them as a start point or just to see how awesome they are.

This is the basic structure of Furatto, you can play around with it or just drop in the files into your next project and invoke the from the <head> of your HTML documents.

Looking for old docs?

We still provide the old versions of Furatto, as well as the documentation, we don't support them anymore though. Version 1 and 2 were not as extendable as version 3 and had some caveats for setting it up which make them harder to implement and mantain (Sorry guys!).