Alignment utilities

Furatto provides class names to help you align text for different screen sizes and enhance mobile-friendly development, by deciding how to align the text at a class name scope.

Alignment screen sizes

Furatto supports 3 width ranges, from 480px up to 1024px and higher. But you know it is really easy to customize it through the sass variables we provide.

Extra small width 320px to 479px Small width 480px to 767px Medium width 768px to 1023px Large width 1024px and up
text-center-xsm text-center-sm text-center-md text-center-lg
text-left-xsm text-left-sm text-left-md text-left-lg
text-right-sm text-right-xsm text-right-md text-right-lg
text-justify-sm text-justify-xsm text-justify-md text-justify-lg

Available variables

You don't like the default width values?, you can easily customize them.

$extra-small-min-width: 320px !default;
$extra-small-max-width: 479px !default;

$small-min-width: $extra-small-max-width + 1 !default;
$small-max-width: 767px !default;

$medium-min-width: $small-max-width + 1 !default;
$medium-max-width: 1023px !default;

$large-min-width: $medium-max-width + 1 !default;