A collection of images behaviors

Default image

To make the images in your site become responsive, just add the 'img' class


Circular Image

If you ever want your images to be circles, just add the 'img-circular' class


Heads up!

Now whenever you want to display the polaroid or selected version for an image, you have to wrap the img element into a div with the img-frame class name and then the other class names, such as img-circular.

The decision was made because iOS devices does not render correctly the border on circular or selected elements.

Polaroid Image

Old times never pass out, to get the polaroid effect on any image add the 'img-polaroid' class.


Selected Image

Whenever you want to highlight an image as if it were selected, you just need to add the 'img-selected' class


Hover Image

Furatto makes it very easy to add a hover effect on images with the class 'img-hover'


Well Image

Look mom!, I'm well


All together, or at least many!